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Should I buy new rosin before I use my Rosin Saver?

Ideally, yes. Rosin Saver is designed to maintain rosin, not to revive it. That said, many customers have noted a substantial improvement in the playing quality of their stale rosin while using Rosin Saver.

How do I know when it is time to change my humidity pack?

Your humidity pack will slowly form hard crystals as it dries out, but will remain effective until all the fluid is gone and the pack is completely hard. When this happens, just wedge out the entire disc using your car keys, a butter knife or the art of persuasion. Stick a new pack on the included installation disc and install.

My instrument case is humidified. Won't this keep my rosin fresh?

Unfortunately not. Typically, instruments are humidified to between 40% and 50% RH to prevent wood from cracking. In multiple tests, this was not a sufficient level of water vapor saturation to prevent oils from evaporating and drying the rosin.

How do I use the silicone cup for bass rosin?

During testing we had trouble with a very popular brand of bass rosin which is sold in a paper cup. The high levels of humidity inside Rosin Saver quickly degraded the paper and created a sticky mess. To use the silicone cup, remove the paper cup entirely and insert the rosin into the silicone cup. Over the next few days, your rosin will form to the shape of the cup, making it neat and easy to roll down the sides to access the rosin when needed.