• Easy as 1,2,3

    Easy as 1,2,3

    Rosin Saver assembles instantly and is easy to use. Simply drop in your favorite rosin and keep sealed when not in use.

    Easy as 1,2,3
  • Flip it and Stick it

    Flip it and Stick it

    Affix a long-lasting humidity pack to adhesive pad and install. 2-way humidity control guarantees optimal RH level regardless of climate.

    Flip it and Stick it
  • Poke Me

    Poke Me

    Periodically poke the pack to check in. Packs remain effective until completely crystallized. Packs can last over a year with normal use.

    Poke Me

Developed in Sweden

by professional orchestra musicians, Rosin Saver is a revolutionary storage device designed to keep rosin feeling as fresh as the day it was made. Through use of a patented 2-way humidity system your rosin will maintain ideal playing properties regardless of weather, temperature or venue.

Rosin Saver fits neatly into your bow or instrument case and prevents evaporation of the natural waxes and oils in rosin that play a vital role in how your bow sounds and feels on the string.
Developed in Sweden

Bass Rosin Test

Two identical cakes of bass rosin after 6 months. The results are astounding.

How it works

the Sweet Sound of Science
the Resin
Oil-rich compounds known as oleoresins are separated from wood fibers and refined to varying degrees
the Rosin
During manufacture, rosin makers often blend even more oils and waxes with the resin to attain a recipe with a rich, smooth sound
These natural oils and waxes evaporate readily from the rosin surface leaving behind a layer of dry, dusty powder
The stale rosin surface comes into direct contact with your bow hair giving a slippery feel and thin, gritty sound
By thoroughly saturating the air surrounding your rosin with water vapor, the oils are forced to stay where they belong
Rosin Saver
Maintains a consistent humidified environment keeping rosin feeling fresh, consistent and reliable