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Rosin Saver

The Rosin Saver
The Rosin Saver includes everything the discerning musician needs to maintain rosin that plays smoothly while keeping its bite. No more dead, stale cakes within months of purchase and bow hair packed with gritty powder. Included: Airtight Lid: K...
Humidity Refill (2 pack)
Patented 2-way humidity packs preserve rosin freshness and ideal playing characteristics. Our long-lasting packs can last a year or more with normal use. Humidity Refill includes 2 Humidity packs and installation discs Hassle-free rosin maintena...
Bass Rosin Silicone Cup
The silicone cup is designed to replace the paper cup on some bass rosins. Because paper quickly degrades in high humidity, the paper cup should be removed prior to inserting rosin into silicone cup.  Highly recommended for hassle-free use of sti...
The Full Kit
The Full Kit includes both a complete Rosin Saver humidified storage system AND our double-sided instrument cleaning towel at a discounted price.  Included: Durable Airtight Canister: Tough double-wall canister that fits conveniently into instru...