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The Ultimate Bass Cloth
100% cotton towel with an abrasive, stainless-steel scrubbing patch. Instrument cleaning should be a daily practice to maintain the integrity of the varnish and keep strings clear of rosin buildup.  The Towel: Durable cotton weave safely and eff...
3-prong leather mute with embedded magnet
Hand-made in Sweden from chestnut saddle skirting leather.  Leather is stiffened, sealed  and either left natural or dyed black.  Leather mutes produce a warmer, more round bass sound than rubber or wooden mutes.  A rare earth magnet is embedded i...
Adhesive Magnetic Dock for Bass Mute
3M adhesive magnetic docking station for our leather bass mutes. Our mutes naturally stick to steel (music stands, bass stools etc.) but these adhesive docks allow you to store your mute on any flat surface of your choosing.   Features: Easy to ...